Our farm goes beyond just milking the cows getting our chores done.  We offer farm tours because we believe that you as a customer should know exactly where your food is coming from & have the opportunity to see the farmers preparing it for you. You get to see our dairy barn, cheese & meat processing plants along with taking a drive through the pastures to see the animals then over to the garden to walk through our greenhouses. 

We also now have a certified kitchen so that we are able to cater for small gatherings. Then you can enjoy a warm home-cooked meal along the river. 

Being next to the river gives us a beautiful scenery to set up camp for the weekend and enjoy some fishing with the family and a peaceful night under the stars. If your up for a fun trip down the river check out Crazy Rayz Tanking & take a relaxing afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather & scenery. 


Pitch a tent or bring your camper & enjoy a weekend under the stars.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon floating down the river with Crazy Rayz tanking. You will get to see lots of beautiful scenery and end near where you can set up camp.

You can take a tour of the farm to see our dairy & cattle herds, you will be able to see our organic garden along with our dairy barn & processing plants. 

We have had many different groups to the farm over the years who enjoy seeing everything that we do & trying samples of our different products.