Our state inspected certified kitchen has been a new addition to our farm & allows us to do a much wider range of things.

We are now able to take most of our vegetables from our garden & use whatever doesn't get sold. We will process them in our kitchen & freeze them so that we are able to have a range of nutritious vegetables to feed families during the winter months. We will blanch & freeze vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, peas, & okra.  We can dice up peppers, onions & potatoes for some frozen hash browns, or just do diced peppers. We also use our tomatoes for pasta sauce, tomato juice, & salsa. Or we just freeze them whole then they can be used for soups & stews. 

Having our certified kitchen also allows us to do caterings for  small gatherings & events held on the farm. We have done different events from a small concert to pit roasting a hog for a family gathering to a supper for local meetings.