Next to our milk barn is our on farm state inspected processing facility where we make non-homogenized cheese, butter & ice cream.

We use the milk from our dairy herd to make 12 varieties of cheese, salted/unsalted butter & a variety of ice creams. 

The whey & skim milk from the plant is caught & used to feed our swine herd. Some of it is also used in our garden & other crops for fertilizer & insecticide. 

Our facility is state inspected Grade A dairy. The Nebraska Dept of Ag takes monthly samples of our milk to test. They also inspect our processing facility as well as checking all of the equipment we use.


        At Clear Creek Organic Farm our milk & dairy products (cheese, butter & ice cream) are NON-HOMOGENIZED. The process of homogenization emulsifies the fat droplets in the milk so that the cream does not form.

While it may be a minor hassle to give your milk a quick shake before drinking it we believe the added benefits of cream are well worth it. 


      Cream contains phosphorous which helps our bodies absorb calcium therefore getting us more, it contains folate for brain & nerve development, Vit A & C for eye & immune support, promotes red blood cells & boosts energy level.

       Not only does homogenization get rid of the benefits of cream the process severs the cell in the milk making it impossible for our bodies to absorb. Therefore when your trying to get your calcium intake to prevent diseases such as Osteoporosis you won’t be getting it from homogenized diary products.


Fresh made Ice Cream


Our cheese, butter & ice cream packaged & ready to go. The cheese comes in 8oz or aproxx one pound packages. The butter is available in aproxx one pound packages. And the ice cream is packaged in qt & 1.3gal boxes.


Our cheese is made in a 150gal vat & then transferred over to the 40 pound boxed on the right. Here they are pressed down with a compressor to get the excess milk out & turn the cheese curds you see in the picture into a solid block of cheese. After sitting in the cooling unit for at least 14 days it is then hand cut into smaller blocks & vacuum sealed. 


Robert (Dad) & George cutting & packaging cheese.


Our hand crafted butter is made in a large churn that makes aproxx 160lb of butter at a time. Once it is done churning we transfer it into the 40lb boxed on the right and let it cool down before cutting it by hand & wrapping it so that it is ready to go out.