Our dairy herd consists of Jersey cows. They are 100% grass fed as they are run on native & seeded pastures. 

Our cows calve in April & then dried up in December for the winter months to give the cow a period of time for the new calf to develop.

The cows are milked twice a day until the third trimester when we back them down to just once a day. When the mother has her calf it is allowed to nurse for three days so it gets the mothers first milk for a natural immunity. They are then moved to individual huts with outside pens for health purposes. At 8 weeks the calves are put in groups of 10-12 & run in the pasture with additional food. 

We never use GMO, growth hormones, RBST, or chemicals. Our cows are treated with care to help them produce the highest quality of A2 milk.


  There are a number of health benefits to grass fed beef & dairy products.

  1. Grass fed products contain CLA fats instead of saturated fats, CLA fats can help to prevent conditions like obesity & diabetes. 

  2.  There is twice the amount of Beta-carotene in grass fed beef plus high levels of Riboflaven, Vitamin B & Vitamin E, along with Omega 3 instead of Omega 6.

  3. Grass fed beef carries less bacteria, therefore usually does not contain ecoli.

  4. Grass fed beef are treated more humane. Given the space to roam in the pasture vs. being confined gives the cattle less chance to spread illness.

  5. Along with the space they are fed nutrient dense & natural food by feeding in the pasture.


Baby calves enjoying the warm spring weather & the company of each other.


During the winter months the cows like to clean up the cornstalks left over but have a hard time getting to them with the snow. The pigs would go down the rows rooting up the snow & dirt so that the cows are able to get to the cornstalks.