Just across the river from our plant is our 15 acre organic garden where we grow a wide range of vegetables. We also have two greenhouses that are approx. 6,000 sq ft so that we are able to grow certain vegetables earlier in the spring & later in the fall months. To help keep some of our stable vegetables, such as the squash & potatoes, through the winter months we have an underground storage facility. We also have a mill in which we can mill cornmeal & flour, along with our certified kitchen so we can process the vegetables to be able to serve you nutrient dense foods year round.

 We do not use any chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides in the garden. Instead our main source is our raw milk from our dairy barn & blood from our processing plant. We also use a product called Restore Life Minerals. All of which improve the nutrient density of the crops. The milk raises the sugar levels in the plant causing the insects inability to consume because they cannot break down the sugars. 

We recently had some of our vegetables tested against store bought vegetables at Midwest Labs to compare nutrition levels. Most of the nutrient levels were higher in ours, the most shocking was the Iron levels were 30-60 parts per million higher in our vegetables. This may be the reason Iron Supplements are needed by so many these days. Another observation was how much higher the Sodium (salt) levels were in the store bought vegetables. Vegetables are not where you want to get your sodium nutrients from, this is a main component of Round Up/Glyphosate and also a carrier for chemical fertilizer. 

We start our seeds under a light in the winter months to give them an early start, we then transplant them into individual containers & move them to our greenhouse to get sunlight, from there we transplant them into the ground once the weather warms up.

Becky & Patrick are planting green onions bulbs in one of our two green houses in early spring. 

George is using the seeder to plant lettuce, mixed greens, carrots & radishes in our greenhouse in early spring. 

This is our mixture of raw milk, baking soda & sugar we use to spray the plants to help keep the insects off of them. We use this in place of insecticides. Insects do not have a pancreas so they are not able to break down & digest the sugars in the milk.

Luckily we don't have to weed the garden entirely by hand. This is our weeder that is pulled behind the tractor & has fingers discs which spin in & out to help disc up the soil & pull the weeds around the plants.

Katie & Jordan planting winter bulb onions.

Just a few of the vegetables we grow in our organic garden. ​


Green Onions

Jalapeno Peppers

Green Beans

Pinto Beans

Watermelon & a Variety of Squash

Cucumbers & Bell Peppers