A touch of history...

Our farm has been in the Bernt family for over 125 years.  We have always farmed with an organic mindset but weren’t certified organic until 2006.  Although we still practice the NOP rules, we have let our organic certification go. 


Our name comes from the small Clear Creek that flows onto our farm and joins in marriage with the Cedar River.  To our north are the sandhills rolling and covered with grass and wild flowers, to the south are the rich clay soils, fertile for crops.  We are truly blessed here to have such a contrast that allows a diversified operation.


 We believe that the health of the soil affects the health of everything and everyone that eats from it.  Our farm motto is “Producing healthy foods for healthy families!!!”  So the understanding of the soil health has been a very important part for us.  My wife, Kristine and I have been blessed with 12 beautiful children and they all play a part in the production.  We try our best to work together and help out where ever needed.  There is nothing more pleasing for a parent to see, than this to happen among their children.

Take care and God bless each and every one of you!!





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