• Co-op - If your interested in raw milk along with our other products & are from the Omaha area I explain in the page above this all of the details on how to become a part of our co-op. 

  • The Nebraska Food Co-op delivers a variety of our food throughout the state during the year.


  • Grand Central carries our cheeses.


  • Leons Market carries our cheeses.

  • The Hub Cafe cooks with our pork sausage & bacon.

  • Open Harvest


  • One Stop Meat Shop carries our cheeses, ice cream when available & some of our frozen vegetables. 


  • Torpins Rodeo Market carries our cheeses.

  • Wildfour Market carries a wide range of our products depending on what is available during certain times of the year. 


  • Kuper Farms carries our cheese, butter & ice cream along with some vegetables depending on availability.

  • We also make direct deliveries to families in the Norfolk/Wayne area.


  • Red Apple carries our cheese, butter, & ice cream depending on availability.


  • We are not in any stores at this time but we do have some people interested in starting a co-op in this area to get monthly or weekly deliveries from Spring-Fall. If you are interested in more info let us know!

-Not seeing your location? We do a lot of traveling most to the eastern side of the state so it possible to work out a meet to get you some products. We are almost always available for you to come to the farm to pick up products. If you are wanting any raw products those do have to be picked up at the farm unless you are part of a co-op.

-Interested in getting a co-op started in your area? Gather a group together & we would be more than happy to come to you & chat more about what it is we do & share some samples. 

-If your a store/market and would be interested in having some our products available in your store please reach out to us & we would love to set up a meeting.