We have just recently finished our meat processing plant located on the farm. According to research processing animals on the farm cause less stress to the animals resulting in a better quality of meat. Now our customers can purchase the animal from us & have it processed right there on the farm or bring us their animal to have processed. We are also open during deer season.

We do our own curing & smoking process using no MSG or Sodium Nitrates. Our goal is to keep everything as natural as we can. 

We also strive to use every part possible & recycle what we can. So we take the blood from the kill floor to use as a fertilizer on our garden. Blood Meal is a very good source of nitrogen for crops. The bones are cooked in a vat & made into bone broth for customers. Then once the bone is dried is is ground up & applied back on the fields for calcium & other important nutrients. The intestines are composted & also spread on the fields for an excellent fertilizer. 


Some of our brats.


Our nitrate free bacon.