Omaha Food Coop: Fresh Food from the Farm

 Kelly Barfknecht (402) 881-7824 (text) 

     -We (the farm) fill all the orders & run things on the farm side. Kelly takes care of everything on the co-op side. If you are inerested in any raw products or meat products this is an excellent opportunity to get them delivered to you. We have been running this co-op for many years with great success & it has continued to grow! We would love to have you join!

The Coop:
We are an organized group that picks up fresh food from the farm and delivers it to determined
locations in Omaha on a weekly basis. You may have your order delivered to any of these
•Trader Joes Thursdays 

The Duration:
The coop season roughly runs from mid-April to the first week of December.

The Membership:
$80 for whole season OR $40 for ½ season
$10 for 1 time orders
$5 container fee for liquid milk products

To join, email the coop admins at with:
• your name (and spouse’s name, if applicable)
• your best phone number (and spouse’s number)
We will send you a link to pay the coop fee through Square Cash.
• $80 to be a member OR
• $85 to be a member + order liquid milk products

If you absolutely do not wish to use Square Cash, you may make a check out and send to:
Kelly Barfknecht
16012 Birch Ave, Omaha, NE 68136

• Orders are placed through SignUpGenius
• Orders must be placed by Sunday 10pm
• Be sure to choose the correct time/location before placing your order
• You are not required to order every week
• Place a new order each week, orders do not carry over if you do not receive an item
• One-Time Orders: email with your order. We will send
you the link to pay the $10 delivery fee and place the order for you

1. Click the link in the invitation email that says “Sign Up"
2. Click “Log In”
3. Log in with your email and password if you already have a SignUpGenius account OR
4. Create an account (it is free)
5. Always make sure you are signed in before ordering or editing your order
6. Open “Clear Creek Omaha Co-op 2018 Orders”
7. Choose the correct date/location from which you’d like to order
8. Check the little white box in the "Sign Up" box next to your preferred day/location
9. Click on the red "Submit and Sign Up" at the bottom of the screen
10. Enter your order in the “My Comment” box (i.e. 2 gallons milk, 3 doz soy free eggs)
11. Leave the quantity at '1'
12. Click the red "Sign Up Now"

Payment for Farm Goods:
The Bernts will email you an invoice sometime after your order is filled, we do not. Please be
patient with them, they are very busy people and don’t always get those invoices out
immediately. Invoices will arrive in your email inbox from Clear Creek Organic Farms,
You cannot reply to this invoice email. If you have issues with your invoice, please contact the
farm directly (

Options for payment to the farm:
• Pay directly from invoice that is emailed to you (Credit or Debit) OR
• Paypal using the Bernt’s email address: (you must calculate the
processing fee for goods and services and add it to your total) OR
• Send check to:
Kristine Bernt
Clear Creek Organic Farms, 82242 499th Ave, Spalding, NE 68665

• Wash with mild soap and water
• Rinse well
• Air dry completely before stacking or putting lids on
• Return to the driver at your next pick up

Your responsibility as a member:
• Be familiar with the way this coop is run (please read this entire document!)
• Order on time (you can put orders in early)
• Be on time! Regularly check for delivery delays on delivery day
• Return clean containers
• Double check your order before you leave (make sure you have everything)
• Arrange for someone to pick up for you if you cannot be on time
• Pay the farmers


Please remember, this is a working farm, not a grocery store. They cannot send you items that
are not in season. We will do our best to keep you informed on the items in season/available.


We do our best to communicate news and information to our members and answer any
questions primarily through our Facebook group. Please join our Facebook group, Clear Creek Co-op (Omaha Metro Area), in order to get these
communications. Our Facebook group is intended for all farm related communications: news,
updates, changes, etc. It is not a networking group. Please don’t ever try to sell anything or post
unrelated material.


I understand that some people do not wish to be on Facebook, that is fine. We will do our best
to email any relevant communications as well.
If you have friends interested in the coop, share the information you have with them and direct
them to email us if they have questions you cannot answer.