Along with all of the other animals we do also have chickens, a few turkeys along with some ducks & geese.

We have around 300 laying hens during different times of the year year consisting of Barred Rock, Black Australorp, Road Island Red, & some White Leghorns. During the summer months we have three coops that are moved around in our hay-field to help control the insect population. Then in the winter months they are brought into a warm building.


We set & hatch our own eggs from November through January so they are ready to lay the following summer. Our golden orange egg yolk show they are high in B12, Beta-Carotene & CLA. 


We also have broilers that are processed at different stages depending on what your wanting to use the chickens for. Some of them we process as Fryers when they are smaller, around 3-4lbs to give you a delicious juicy & tender fried chicken. Others we let grow older to reach around 9lbs, these rooster & older hens are processed and used soup chickens.  


Chickens roaming the hay field eating insects. 


Whole chickens after being processed.