At Clear Creek Organic Farm we believe in raising great tasting, nutritious, & healthy pork.  To do this our pork herd is pasture raised giving them a stress free environment & a more nutritional & natural food base.  We will also supplement with whey from our cheese plant to make a sweeter tasting pork.

       We NEVER feed our pigs soy. Soy has shown to be related to a number of problems in todays youth. Soy contains high levels of gointrogens which can affect the thyroid.  It also has protease inhibitors which can cause problems with our digestive system & the ability to be able to properly digest proteins.

       One of our main concerns with soy is the amount of estrogen (isoflavones) in the plant which causes hormone distruption by raising estrogen levels and lowering testosterone levels. This can lead to so many negative effects in men, women, & children. For men this can mean weight gain, loss of energy, stamina, & virility; for women it could disrupt periods, fertility & raise the risk of breast cancer.

The following pictures are of the new farrowing barn we just put up this summer.