When you have a family of our capacity each one of us tends to have or create our own little niche on the farm. Or when we look at what are parents have made here working for themselves we tend work towards the same goal of wanting our own little gem. So here is a little info on the Bernt Kids! :)

Christopher his wife Katie with daughters Addie, Ruby, Caroline, & Pearl own their own welding business called Bernt's Welding Inc. Christopher does a lot of welding services & metal fabrication for local farmers. He also has made many different metal art & signage. They only live about 40 min south of the farm so they make regular trips up to help out in the garden or welding projects when they can. (FB: Bernt's Welding Inc.)


Katie her husband Jordan with daughter Aynslee.  Katie started Bernt Cedar & Signs as a hobby job creating wood crafts, window crafts, vinyl decals, & is now doing shirts & koozies. (FB: Bernt Cedar & Signs) Katie also does a chunk of the marketing for our Omaha co-op along with other sales & enjoys working in the garden with her daughter. Her husband Jordan built a shop last winter so he can expand his work. He does a variety of work on ATV/UTV & small engine repair/rebuild. (FB: McDonald's ATV Repair & Graphics)


Rosie is in charge of making sure everyone from our Omaha co-op gets their invoices for their deliveries each week while they run from spring to fall.


Raymond with son Bradley. Raymond started Crazy Rayz Tanking over ten years ago & the business has continued to expand as so many enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the water with the beautiful country scenery. He started last year with his yearly Memorial Weekend Bash by the River which drew in people from all over the country. (FB: Crazy Rayz Tanking, CrazyRayzTanks.com)


Tommy does all of our hauling. He drives all over the state sometimes out of state to pick up new livestock or dropping them off. He is also part owner of the school buses at our local school doing most of the mechanic work on them & driving the buses when they need a driver. 

Eddie is our butcher. He started his learning by working under the local butcher shop in Albion a couple years ago & attending some classes. He now does most of the butchering in our on site meat plant; from deer to cows to hogs. (FB: Bernt's Custom Meats)


Frankie is our carpenter. At just 16 years old he had a big part in building our meat plant when we started a few years ago. He purchased a saw mill in the spring so that he can do custom milling & logging along with a variety of other wood projects. Him & Eddie have also taken charge of the hogs, building a new farrowing barn & getting them ready for market now that we will be shipping some to California monthly.


Becky is in charge of the cheese. During the summer months she is making 1-2 batches of cheese per week. Then after dad gets it cut she does the packaging, labeling & getting them ready for the stores. She also helps in the garden & getting other weekly orders ready.


Patrick & George take care of the cows & do the milking. Being the youngest of this many siblings they get a lot of the grunt work. They are the ones who do it all from planting in the garden, to chasing pigs in, to helping package products to feeding the animals.

Ginny her boyfriend Cole & their daugther Agnes Jo work on a ranch near Burwell, Ne where Ginny runs most of the cattle operations. 


Maggie her husband Bruce with kids Gracie, Chet, Natalie & Boz work with Bruce's dad on the ranch near Burwell, Ne.